Since 2010 we been pushing the boundaries of human powered vehicle design. We have proven that seemingly impossible feats are made possible through innovations in approach, design, and hard work.

What We've Achieved


Current focus: SPEEDBIKES

Our current focus is on using speed-bikes to break the world human-powered land-speed record. In Sept 2015 we will travel to Battle Mountain Nevada to try to break the world record of 133.5kph.  To do this we have designed and built a custom, one of a kind speed-bike, "eta".  We believe eta is capable of speeds of 140km/hr.  Learn more about our speed bikes project here

Aerial vehicles: Atlas helicopter

On June 13, 2013, AeroVelo’s Atlas human­‐powered helicopter won the AHS Igor I. Sikorsky Challenge and its $250,000 prize. During the record-­breaking 64 second flight, Atlas reached a height of 3.3 metres, meeting all requirements of the 33 year old aviation challenge.

When people say it’s not possible, it’s because they haven’t thought about how to make it possible. And that’s our business. Making the impossible happen is what we do.
— Cameron Robertson