Just as important as the bike is the development of an efficient and powerful engine (ie. human), so we'd like to introduce the dedicated team that’s been helping Todd with training, stretching, biomechanics, fitting and nutrition.

Emre and Ryan at Quest Health and Performance have been leading Todd's strength and off-the-bike conditioning program since February 2014. Working with the team, one-on-one, three days a week, is a big change compared to the previous training program. They’ve isolated weaknesses, built a strong foundation and helped improve Todd's technique to push through some of his old weight lifting "Personal Bests". They also work with Todd on facial stretching, massage, nutrition, and anything else relevant to our final goal.


Scott Judges at Fitt 1st joined up last fall to help guide the fitting process and lend advice to ergonomic optimization. We started with a fit on the upright bike, which drastically reduced stress in the head/neck and reduced some of the knee pain Todd had been having trouble with. For anyone spending money on a good bike, we would say make sure you spend the money on a good fit!! It really has made a huge difference for us!

In addition, Jonathan Farbre at Bspoke Athletics has been helping with Todd's cycling program and physical testing, along Ken Brunet at the Peak Centre who has been with us since the Ornithopter Project, and Dr. Doug Richards at the University of Toronto who specializes in biomechanical optimization (amongst many other things).

Stay tuned for more updates on physical training!