We are very proud to announce that AeroVelo has been awarded the Belt of Orion Award for Excellence from Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame!

On June 4th, 2015, the 42nd annual gala dinner and ceremony that celebrates achievements in Canadian aviation took place at Toronto's Pearson Airport, and was attended by 375 industry professionals, honoured guests, and aviation enthusiasts from across Canada, including astronaut Chris Hadfield. It was an honour to be recognized along side such noteworthy Canadians, and an incredible experience to be able to share with team members and family.

AeroVelo team members and family celebrate the results of their hard work. Photo Credit: ckmmphotographic        www.ckmmphotographic.ca   

AeroVelo team members and family celebrate the results of their hard work.
Photo Credit: ckmmphotographic  

AeroVelo Inc. was recognized for accomplishments in applied aeronautical engineering that pioneered two innovative feats in human-powered flight. Namely, the Sikorsky Prize winning flight of the human-powered helicopter "Atlas" in 2013, and the world's first flight of a human-powered ornithopter "Snowbird" in 2011, both of which garnered AeroVelo's founding engineers Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert significant international recognition.

In 2013 AeroVelo's "Atlas" won the prestigious $250,000 Igor I. Sikorsky Prize from the American Helicopter Society by reaching an altitude of 3.3 metres under the pilot's (Reichert's) own power, and hovering for 64 seconds. Atlas was also recognised by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), and received the 2013 J.A.D. McCurdy Award from the Air Force Association of Canada.  

The flight of the ornithopter "Snowbird" was certified as the world's first flight of a human-powered flapping-wing aircraft by the FAI, and won the McKee Trophy in 2011.

Also during this year's ceremony, four new members were inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame: Arthur Roy Brown, DSC, who served in the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Air Force and is known for heroically defeating Manfred von Richthofen (a.k.a the Red Baron) during WWI. James Stuart McBride, an Albertan entrepreneur who started his own airline and developed aircraft franchises and helicopter-based charter operations in support of the resource industry in western Canada. George Miller, CD, who served 35 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force where he was the leader of the "Snowbirds" acrobatic team in 1973, and who sustained the development of Langley Regional Airport as a major part of British Columbia's airport infrastructure during his tenure there as manager. And last but not least, Owen Bartley Philp, C.M., DFC, CD who is acknowledged as the driving spirit behind the founding of the acclaimed "Snowbirds" air demonstration team.