This week we”re welcoming several new team members to the project:

First, Congratulations to Nick Martel on being accepted to Med school at the University of Ottawa!!! Several days after receiving his acceptance, with his summer now freed up, he moved up to Tottenham to join the project. Nick is a great addition to the team, with a good attitude, a killer work ethic, and a curiosity in a wide assortment of fields.

Next, my little sister Alexis came on board this week! Alexis just returned from a month in India, where she was taking a Religious Studies course and doing preliminary research for her Masters thesis. Both Alexis and Nick played a crucial part in the last few months of the ornithopter project, helping with the last bits of construction and flight testing. As with the rest of the team, Lex and Nick are avid bikers, and their unique talents and interests distinctly add to the diversity to the team.

Finally, James McGuire, a fellow speed skater is joining us for the week. James is going into grade 12 and has a keen interest in aerospace and engineering.

It”s great to have you guys on board!