AeroVelo is seeking high-caliber student interns with skills in technology/engineering design and hands-on fabrication. The selection process will focus on applicants with exceptional experience either with extra-curricular design teams or with independently pursued hobbies and projects. Applications are due by midnight on April 3, 2014.

The focus of this summer’s project is breaking the human-powered land-speed record of 133 km/hr in September 2014. Research and development will be conducted in a unique team environment, in downtown Toronto, where students will perform aerodynamic modelling and mechanical design, composite construction and fabrication of the new vehicle, as well as laboratory and on-road testing in a variety of research areas.

Interns will be salaried $6,000 for the 4-month internship (May through August), similar to a research position in a university laboratory setting. For more information on AeroVelo and the team’s previous projects, including human-powered aircraft and helicopters, explore our projects page.

Application Format

Please complete and submit an application (template available here). The written response is strictly limited to one page total, but you can chose the length or your answer to each question to best emphasize your skills, experience, and capabilities. A second page comprised of images, drawings, renderings, etc of projects referenced in your responses is encouraged. Please also submit a Resume (1 page as a separate file) with your application.

The application sections describing your motivation and experience are as follows:

Motivation Statement: Please describe your reason for wanting to intern with AeroVelo, as well as the relevance of this summer’s project to your own interests and goals.

Design Experience: For up to three cases, please describe the project, your role, and how you addressed a pressing challenge or developed an innovative/creative design solution. Please address use of analysis or design methods/tools to enhance the quality of your solution or design, and focus on experiences and skills that will be directly applicable to this internship. You can also discuss projects that involved technical communication or presented your work in an exciting way.

We’re looking forward to seeing your applications, and an exciting summer of research!

The AeroVelo Team