On Friday, January 25th, we will be making an official attempt at the AHS Sikorsky Prize. For updates throughout the day, you can follow our twitter feed @AeroVelo.

With our testing results last week, including sufficiently low measured power numbers, we are confident that Atlas has what it takes to capture the prize. Of course nothing is ever certain. Our two primary obstacles are the additional structural loads imposed during an all-out effort, and the pilot”s ability to control the aircraft with sufficient precision to stay within the 10m x 10m box.

Our flight plan for the day is roughly as follows:

  • 7AM: Flight team arrives and starts assembly
  • 10AM: Trimming flights begin, first without the canards, then with the canards. Perhaps a total of 5-6 flights may be necessary. Trefor and Calvin will be flying the helicopter for the trim flights.
  • 2PM: 2 Metre flight, to give the pilot practice with the controls and estimate the drift when coming down from altitude.
  • 3PM: AHS Sikorsky Prize Attempt.

Thank you again to all the supporters that we know will be with us (in person or in spirit) for the flights tomorrow.

Let”s go make some history!