At AeroVelo, we know that “some people are never satisfied with a good idea, and work day and night until they end up in a place no one can ever dream of”. Apparently, Honda does too, as they claim in their 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid commercial, aired nationally in the United States, featuring our very own Snowbird, the Human-Powered Ornithopter.

Snowbird was featured in the 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid commercial. Click the image to view the video.

We are very glad that we and Honda share similar values of creative thinking and innovation, as well as environmental sustainability and creating a better future. We are happy that Honda has chosen to identify with our team culture and ideals! We work hard to live up to the values that we espouse and to spread them through our various human powered projects. We very proud of our work, and continue to receive a lot of interest in what we do. If you find our work interesting and wish to help spread word, please don't hesitate to let us know!