At 12:43 on Thursday, June 13th, Atlas and its human engine rose to an altitude of roughly 3.3 metres, maintained flight for approximately 65 seconds and drifted no more than 10 metres.

This is an unofficial account of yesterday's events, and though we would love to say more, we will be awaiting official validation before making any statements or posting any pictures. The first step is for us to thoroughly review our footage to ensure that all bracing lines are clear of the 3 metre target, and to use our multiple camera angles to map out the 3-dimensional trajectory of Atlas during the flight and ensure that it remained within a 10×10 metre box. We will then submit all the data and the footage to the committee for official review and validation.

Hopefully this process will be quick, but it may take several weeks.

We thank you for your patience. Now let's take a deep breath… and hold.