Immediately after an intense week of racing (and repairing) our bikes in Battle Mountain, we drove to San Francisco to join the Jamie, Adam and the rest of the MythBusters team for an upcoming shoot. The collaboration was started when both Todd and Jamie were quoted in a Huffington Post article, giving their thoughts on the soon-to-be debunked youTube video of Jarno Smeets ( In the video, Smeets straps on a set of wings, takes a running start and proceeds to fly around a park like a bird, flapping his wings to propel himself through the air ( Of course the video was found to be a fake, but the possibility of such a machine is within the realm of possibility. I won't spoil the episode for you, but I will say that this is going to be a monumental project and will make for TV well worth watching!

I really want to thank Jamie for seeking us out in the first place, and I want to thank the entire MythBusters team for welcoming us to the shop this past week. That shop is a really, really cool place to work and it definitely gave us some ideas as we start setting up AeroVelo's workshop this coming year. Stay tuned for more updates in the new year when we head back to finish up filming and put our work to the test!